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Cancer Team
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in cancerteam's LiveJournal:

Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
10:34 pm
fuck i'm bored and tired... I don't post for like and month and all I can do now is post post post on everything...
Friday, July 2nd, 2004
11:23 am
Fuck... I'm the only person who posts on this shit...
11:21 am
Tony isn't even in this thing is he? Lol. O well. Lame... you can tell I'm bored as shit... I think I'm gonna go look at rims and shit for the Jeep... Yeah... I don' tthink we could put them on.. we would have to get the Jeep lifted on a rack and I aint got one... O well... I'll have them done by Lea's friend guy thing who has the shop.. Yeah.. I might go up there sometime...
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